[Bell Historians] House or servants bells

Anne Willis zen16073 at q5we71UVP5oBe3-3M4JGu3vUtINsPMBzILc6ECXwQYRatLBXL0Q8lV4v-Ox_JnT8cVXdiUJzWh3AO9o.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 15 21:46:23 BST 2009

>From a letter heading dated May 1885 John Rowlatt (late Buswell) -
Furnishing and General Ironmonger, bell-hanger, gas fitter etc. of
Wellingborough Northants.
This may indicate that the making of servant bells was a cottage industry.

I have seen several adverts in west Wiltshire local papers for
'bell-hangers' which I assumed meant house bells and have wondered who
supplied the bells.
There was a sheep-bell maker at Great Cheverell at the beginning of the 20th
century.  I think the bells were crotals, but I suppose the maker could have
made house/servants bells as well.



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