[Bell Historians] Re: Enquiry about 'a new sconce"

Anne Willis zen16073 at 1QJkQKekBrTEZhlk7dlRotDlMtsxsNV1dt3FemEz90-0qOGTZiJDUWJs-RvTRvAdTbyC_Q-ECLX63w.yahoo.invalid
Mon May 18 10:40:53 BST 2009

> ==========================================================
> An English folksong celebrates the gift of 'a new sconce' to the
> ringers of Chew.
> The folk group who wish to add this song to their repertoire would
> like to know the meaning of 'sconce'. It is said to 'rise and to fall'
> so hardly likely to be the usual meaning of a light with a shiny
> backing.
> It has been suggested that it was a method of keeping bell-ropes soft
> and supple by hanging the ends in a circular container with some form
> of gentle heating (ie an oil lamp, or a lit electric lamp bulb.)
> I would be most grateful for any information that your Society can supply.

I replied off-list as we have an early 19th century lantern at Holy Trinity,
Bradford, on a pulley which cost 3/10d.  The lantern, which held four
candles, and pulley are still there but no longer work.  The enquirer is
coming to photo it sometime.

Anne Willis


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