Ranald Clouston

Ernie Runciman bells at j_1xTKixvBHg0dF1yE1vg0yEMP5caA31dsPa3u6U_ML2hJi0wg854L0gT4_dt4M3KDywnT8WNK6UB_iEHnI.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 19 22:10:15 BST 2009

Can anyone give me any information regarding Ranald Clouston.

I have received from Manx National Heritage a copy of his booklet Manx 
Bells, together with some unpublished information, from 1986.

Is the gentleman still alive.  If so, does anyone have contact details.  
If not, who owns the copyright for his work.

If you want, reply off list.

Ernie Runciman
ernie at pMQGv-KtDa-8zw-i3H7gU6rvsr6vutMjcxcwUaaAM9pjbVcZ-1tfZ57fZvgRxfiJmRmC8YVz-J2gDTGw.yahoo.invalid


Ernie Runciman  - Kione Droghad, Ellan Vannin


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