[Bell Historians] TESco

Robert Lewis editor at hMZsNu6S-MgjrJcJpChP5f73hmQ7oKwp2t3eVxoqyoO-XODPLfXv03WFjvgdIshgr6_sVwrzv0460Y422M1whrMbhA.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 2 12:27:55 BST 2009

At 11:53 02/10/2009, Mike wrote:
>Today is the last day for bids to take over TESco to be made to the 
>Administrator.  We can only hope that some of the interest become 
>bids that meet the necessary criteria to save this historic company 
>and the jobs of those that remain there.

There is quite a big feature about the company by Bill Bowder in 
today's edition of the Church Times (pp 5-5).

Among other things he says "Taylors had no great debts, a consistent 
turnover for the past four years, a skilled and loyal workforce, a 
proud reputation, and a long history."



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