[Bell Historians] 'Telegraph' letter

Chris Darvill manager at bfABECCEQIsxlL5FzqkuoAl5p-cwjESPz2CwJR2E9bVkxd1diTM9P2jJD7U90-vj6_SK3ovyayvckyoMlbrFjg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 13 14:39:23 BST 2009

At 14:19 13/10/2009, Bickerton, Roderic (SELEX GALILEO, UK) wrote:
>Its more than 10 days since the "deadline", and not a whisper. It was
>said it would be a week or so after the deadline before any news was
>Did I miss something?

I'm not sure that anyone said when the outcome would be made public, 
certainly not anyone in a position to know. The deadline on 2 October 
was for expressions of interest. The Due Diligence process takes time 
- I'd be surprised if the outcome is public before November.



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