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Tue Oct 13 20:50:02 BST 2009

Indeed the instruments should be in tune. But what is "in tune"????

It seems that some individuals on this list took exception to our  
bidding to take over Taylors and intervened with the administrators  
who failed to provide us with the bid information despite my having  
signed a confidentiality agreement, to which I conformed.

It looks to me as though your spoilers may well have shot themselves  
in their feet.

It seems to me that the way in which the bell business/industry was  
run and maintained requires entirely new business, engineering and  
tuning models:

a) The business model to provide capital investment, even out the cash  
flows and overcome the "feast and famine" patterns.
The new model also needs to force the presently destructively  
competing vested interests to coincide.

b) The engineering "improvements" to need make productive use of "21st  
century" engineering, technological, techniques and solutions.

c) The tuning model has to acknowledge that bells are "out of tune"  
individually, and particularly in their tuning relationship to other  
members of their "often celebrated" peals.

Whoever eventually acquire the Taylor assets will need to seriously  
rethink the whole bells industry, if the "heritage" is to continue for  
future generations to enjoy.

I shall continue to take opportunities to influence the tuning of  
bells, yet it may be by less obvious and public means. Time will tell.

In the meantime, we shall continue to change the rest of the world's  
musical tuning by working with musicians, and other parts of the music  

I am confident that eventually those tuning the bells (at least those  
that remain) will understand and use our findings.

On 13 Oct 2009, at 19:55, nigelsdtaylor wrote:

> Yes indeed! I am only too aware of the increasing difficulty in  
> obtaining permission to replace bells, frames, and to tune old  
> bells. Parishes aspirations are generally listened to by the  
> conservationist bodies, but often ignored. Sometimes, there is no  
> semblance of a compromise, and the ringers are left with what they  
> consider as an unsatisfactory installation.
> The code of practice states that a ring of bells is a musical  
> instrument and should sound in tune. However, there have been many  
> occasions during the last few years when this statement has been  
> completely ignored.
> Faculties can take months, and sometimes years to obtain; this leads  
> invarably to greater expense for a parish, and difficulties for  
> those of us in the trade to operate with any real degree of  
> efficiency. We are businesses, that like any other business must try  
> to trade profitably, and this has become increasingly difficult to  
> achieve.
> Nigel Taylor

Charles Lucy
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