[Bell Historians] Re: I love Lucy

Robert Lewis editor at MnbsqNyhdHtobIrxpetypOVaopJkTeOfZESsEHGf_fm82bf1EBoBUb8_2b5Om8g_434fHJsbU51slduWX91kxF0.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 14 13:48:16 BST 2009

At 11:46 14/10/2009, Charles Lucy wrote:

>We have actually been researching a bell type instrument.

Well that's interesting Charles.  I think that the way ahead for you 
in this matter is clear.  What you need to do to convince us simple 
bell ringers about the merits of your advanced tuning ideas is 
commission a ring of tower bells and have them cast and tuned to your 
own (or is it the late Mr Harrison's?) specifications.

If you have the resources to make a bid for a bell foundry in 
administration, then I feel confident that you could raise the 
finance to produce and hang a modest ring of bells from a foundry 
that is still operating (I believe there is one in the East End of 
London somewhere).  If your bells are a success, then you will, of 
course, convert the entire Ringing Exercise almost overnight ...

Then we will all be clamouring to have our existing bells either 
re-tuned or re-cast to your specifications. There should consequently 
be enough work to keep two (or maybe even more) bell foundries going 
in the UK for many years to come.

How about it?

Will you put your money where your mouth is?



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