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Wed Oct 14 22:16:00 BST 2009

You illustrate my point exactly.

Which Harrison bells are you referring to?

It seems that so-called "Harrison" bells were actually made and tuned  
by people than the John Harrison of Longitude fame.

Please check your dates, and you (I expect) will find that your  
"Harrison bells" do not exist.

John Harrison (1629-1695)



I would be very grateful if you can prove me wrong, and actually  
enable me to record real Harrison bells, produced during his lifetime  
for I have yet to find any to test.

On 14 Oct 2009, at 21:58, David Bryant wrote:

> "Which question David?"
> This one:
> "Why should a peal be tuned in this manner in preference to any  
> other system?   What advantage does this give? I am not aware  
> thatHarrison’s bells are stunningly better than anything else from  
> the same period."
> David

Charles Lucy
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