[Bell Historians] Hanley Stoke on Trent

Chris Darvill manager at ue-FQs8cu-o_V4MnJ7Bm772FchKM5MeHZPJPi-G0BfkzIrB5RhVoWwQ3whg15HkRUH8TaPQLQuhgtCA4JsiCX0NzTw.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 15 09:25:38 BST 2009

At 08:58 15/10/2009, Andrew Higson wrote:
>Is this going to be another Malvern where an inadequate argument 
>from the side that actually wants to do something positive has lost the day?

...Though it's good to see EH supporting the application. Proves that 
at least some people there understand that bells are meant to be heard.

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