[Bell Historians] Bell restoration/tuning

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He spoke at the Perspectives conference at Worcester and again took the
"Early Music" stance.  I pointed out that there weren't ringers going around
seeking out complete untouched 17th century peals on which to perform
authentic six-scores of Grandsire Doubles so his argument didn't stand.  He
replied that other musicians were envious of ringers having early bells
still in existence (but not presumably in use if the conservation lobby have
their way over the bell frame in which they hang).


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  David was involved in writing the report on the bells of St Luke's
Chelsea. This said in essence, that the bells shouldn't be recast as they
were a complete Mears 10. But, as the two trebles were so dreadful, two new
trebles could be cast to replace them. The two old bells would have to be
hung dead.

  The writers of the report didn't seem to notice that to follow their
advice the bells would no longer be a Mears 10.



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  I knew David as a (rather dull) musicologist, with interests in organs
  in particular.  He has been working for one of the conservation
  bodies, but so far as I know has no formal trained knowledge of bells
  or bellringing.


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  > Can anyone tell me the authority with which a certain Dr. David Knight
speaks on these matters?

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