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Fri Oct 16 22:53:28 BST 2009

 At 17:32 on Friday 16 October 2009, Robert Lewis wrote:

> We have an exciting announcement about the future of the bell foundry 
> at Loughborough on The Ringing World website at:

> www.ringingworld.co.uk

In addition to this, I have been asked by Andrew Higson to circulate
the following message:

John Taylor & Co

We are open for business!

We are pleased to announce that as from Monday 19th October 2009 we
shall recommence trading in our historic name from our premises in
Freehold Street, Loughborough, Leics.

John Taylor & Co is committed to offering the highest standards of
bell and iron founding and engineering excellence associated with the
names Taylor and Loughborough around the world for 150 years.

We are delighted to have saved the Museum and important records at
Loughborough which we intend to see placed in a Charitable Heritage
Trust and developed as part of the national archive which it intended
to be accessible to all.

A consortium of well known ringers, senior members of the bell
industry and investors has been formed as UK Bellfoundries Ltd.  and
has been successful in its bid for the former operating entity at
Loughborough.  We are also delighted to announce that Mrs Merle Taylor
has agreed to be President of the company.
We are looking forward to continuing working with the other members of
the trade as well as individual churches.

We would like to thank all those who have given us their support in
recent months – it has been greatly appreciated.

Andrew WR Wilby

On behalf of the Directors of
UK Bellfoundries Ltd
John Taylor & Co

The Bellfoundry
Freehold Street 
LE11 1AR

Telephone: 01509 212241
Fax: 01509 263305
Web: www.taylorbells.co.uk      
Email office at H5bLXO0sroC_XkQOP5DvGfx68_bntBxOJV1Vai5plwiHfqBykIYgX8tdyUph-fs7zkYQEyqhwj26zLi0lKzAFUEz.yahoo.invalid 

Friday 16th October 2009


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