[Bell Historians] Re: Levels of Bell Production

Richard Smith richard at qijHOZAZcxzK6pUwzB2r1r5iUHONN0qB14jePiOcRLVeIGZ2KmPUGqFXmYPqSHas0zxaRNCkWg3QUxov.yahoo.invalid
Sat Oct 17 11:22:06 BST 2009

Richard Offen wrote:

> It would be very interesting to see how this compares to the same period
> around the beginning of the 20th century.

Considerably lower.  See this graph:


Or this one for a longer period:


These plot bells listed in the pNBR excluding those with a 
'circa' by their date (so it'll slightly under-report very 
old bells).

Even 1998, the post-WWII year with the highest output, 
doesn't compete with the output from a hundred years ago. 
The two highest years are 1887 and 1897 -- Queen Victoria's 
golden and diamond jubilees.



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