[Bell Historians] Hanley Stoke on Trent

John Camp camp at oPwBwdnqQYJ5ZPjp-KfWcqs-lpvJ7S_V4AQhDc7dgZ3YsqrFXXvpgFLPHqJz8X4otYwF1Ts0agFvkqoHToc.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 18 19:27:51 BST 2009

At 21:26 on 15 October 2009, Peter Rivet wrote:

> For those who haven't been involved in planning appeals before, it's worth
> pointing out that the costs needn't be very great.  It depends which of
> three routes is taken through the system ...

And at 19:04 on 18 October 2009, Dave Simpson wrote:

> Of the two war memorial bells, the 5th was given by Johnson Bros. The
> Johnson family lived in Stone in a large house close to St Michael's church.

> Ernest Johnson, a one time company Chairman, was also a church warden at
> Stone. Two of the Johnson brothers were killed with in a month of each other
> in the Great War

> We have just made contact with his grandson, David, who still worships at St
> Michael's. David is keen to support the move to Stone.

Is there any chance that the full council could be persuaded to
require the Planning Committee to think again?  Are there any local
councillors who might take up the cause?

John Camp


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