[Bell Historians] Keltek Trust and bellfounding

Robert Lewis editor at qgRWU7oJ8aHU44fOfPTvylb3WZD7nIJUNsiCvo5RivNuHe2gFtn2_fd-436qSycsg6gqW96NqIWW9EMqmcC0n7qqcw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 19 13:31:39 BST 2009

It would be interesting to know if the list has views about the 
possible impact that the activities of the Keltek Trust may have had 
upon the UK bellfounding industry.

While I can see that the "re-homing" of old bells of a reasonable 
(and proven) quality has its obvious attractions - and perhaps 
enables some projects that might not otherwise get off the ground - I 
do wonder about its overall impact on the industry, especially in 
terms of the market for casting new bells.

Perhaps, for instance, the trust should be more selective about the 
quality of the bells it saves?



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