[Bell Historians] Keltek Trust and bellfounding

John Camp camp at GGmDHe758vjG-ipKyJ-JR6hlwCfaADOzHjC29cQUyPfHh-eY5_jIkuLyrjHADCUnfLHovRwEsx5t-c22sA.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 19 14:55:01 BST 2009

At 14:50 on 19 October 2009, Richard Offen wrote:
> Where has this horrible word 'rehome' come from?   What is wrong with good,
> old-fashioned 're-locate'?

Not sure why it's 'horrible'.  First recorded, according to the OED,
in 1974, with reference to 'rehoming' dogs.  'Relocate' is first
recorded in 1834.  I expect someone complained about it then.

John Camp


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