[Bell Historians] Lucy tuning comparison

Dickon Love dickon at wyTjguIlSwdKPevNglnjl2suWMjPY9WkYoyLe6_YFQEZl-b-g1C_TU699LjgyPp5HHONw8xOULXKJPN9.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 20 09:13:39 BST 2009


> The responses to this admittedly unscientific test were:
> Prefer Peal B - 4
> Prefer Peal A - 1

It may be unscientific, but I think the point partly is that aesthetics
often win out over something that scientifically should be better.  Jim
"Tuning Forks" Phillips has made that point on a number of occasions!

I too preferred B.  Peal A just sounded very uncomfortable.



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