[Bell Historians] Daily Telegraph letter

Robert Lewis editor at phdWtsXwiQxHBWsLKMwLuULK45ApOE_WtUoEM7wIXIxQyh54pY2YlWuxYy2aIuYoCrColFXSJlEw_2krGmSaptc.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 22 14:57:55 BST 2009

At 14:24 22/10/2009, Richard Offen wrote:

>I hope someone is going to reply to this incredibly crass piece of 
>correspondence.   I know that one of the ringers in Hobart has 
>already sent an e-mail letter to the Telegraph.

I hope so too - but I don't think it will be me. I doubt that they 
would publish two letters from the same individual within the space 
of a couple of weeks.  The response needs to be short and pithy in my 
view (more chance of getting published that way as well).

Maybe you are the man for this task Richard!



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