[Bell Historians] Daily Telegraph letter The Hope for Harmonious Bells.

Alan Taylor alantaylor at _30OWQKhI7KHmAR-rjU2VjT1EOOuQ7l2HDZrkaG3KzVI3zSG6uSXTiGdP2ZTZU_mVT9lB4gL4-Ch86T4lYd9Sp4.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 22 21:05:42 BST 2009

Has he????





> Here's my contribution to the letters to the Telegraph debate:
> Were the bells to be tuned more harmoniously, as per John 'Longitude'
> Harrison's instructions, we may be able to create harmony between all
> parties and even satisfy the noise abatement society.

A man with a sense of humour... :)


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