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Fri Oct 23 11:27:39 BST 2009

Here is a letter that Dr Peter Rumley (ASCY and ringer at Smarden in
Kent as well as a member of SPAB) has sent to the Daily Telegraph.  He
has given me permission to forward this to this list:

As  a Life Member  of The Society for the Protection of Ancient
Buildings and a member of The Ancient Society of Colleges Youths,
Britain's' premier bell-ringing society (founded 1637), may I reassure
our members and your readers  that not all bell-ringers are vandals and
wish to destroy significant and desirable historic timber bell frames
for the sake of easy ringing. The joy for many bell-ringers is the
challenge to ring on difficult bells as well as easy ones.  Very
occasionally, bell frames do have their sell-by-date and a change [pun]
is necessary.   
Equally, as a driver of a classic 1953 R-type Bentley I would change the
bodywork if it was rusted, but never the engine.!
Yours etc..
Dr Peter T J Rumley 
Lime Kiln Farm
TN27  8QN
01233 770029


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