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John Camp camp at v92HRr3Oo3pW_OotWgIZgkJVPG8AbClRTQ5JUM4YK1YRP6K6SVhdwrVcds1QzAYNCie_uHF_WjxMtCY.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 23 11:40:49 BST 2009

At 10:13 on 23 October 2009, John H Allen wrote:

> The Dean of the Arches is Charles George, Chancellor of Southwark
> and Deputy Chancellor of Worcester.

I think you will find that he ceased to hold the post of Chancellor of
Southwark when he became Dean of Arches earlier this year.  I very
much doubt whether he still holds the post of deputy Chancellor of
Worcester, either.  The top judge can't really sit in a much more
junior capacity.

I knew him slightly when I was in practice at the bar.  A bit smooth,
but a well-respected lawyer.

John Camp


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