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Roderic Bickerton rodbick at YP4yDtBjRcku9SDbnWfKyDN9BKRsPPWOL20ham7q5bAzLlJf3JTcw8ln3xqo3gLEQjdHRkYa6QYIE-Z1Zg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Oct 29 11:12:36 GMT 2009

I hope its good, its been a dreadful year for "precedent setting" decisions.

2009/10/29 Dickon Love <dickon at 5EBx_4UHdaN809us3y4ruV4jzzQBimg4F8UCzJq0MP2vcp9oOmObszk-isZw-y2FNILKkps1f388MnC6.yahoo.invalid>

> I understand that the Daily Telegraph is going to publish a "corrected"
> letter from Philip Venning, Secretary of SPAB.
> DrL
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