[Bell Historians] Taylor shield

David Bryant davidbryant at nxoDoNzWJ1r91AUFljuT18tqhj7s4cVDuxuE2yGNiTBE8_bseLGA554RSRC96oDervnR6nQF-CFDrLxm2FYEiTIg97M.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 8 10:44:01 BST 2009

"I'd always assumed the shield was that of the Brasyer foundry. Perhaps there is a connection or evolution between this and Watts."

I believe Watts acquired the Norwich foundry stamps - or some of them at least. No doubt somebody (DLC?) will know more about this.

As anyone who has seen Brasyer bells will be aware, they have the shield placed distinctively on the shoulder of the bell.

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