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Fri Sep 11 14:57:24 BST 2009

You will know that it is planned to remove the 10 G & J bells from Hanley
and reinstall at Stone Staffordshire. A Listed Building Application to
remove the bells is with Stoke on Trent City Council for the removal of the
bells but this has run into opposition from the City Conservation Officer
who has received objections from a number of local residents and also the
War Memorials Trust. 2 of the 10 bells were given as war memorials to those
from the Hanley area who died in the Great War. These 2 bells are listed as
war memorials


It would help the Stone ringers if details could be given for any other
bells which are specifically war memorials. The local argument is that bells
are intended to be rung and are hardly a fitting memorial in their present
derelict state. Any useful suggestions would be appreciated!






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