[Bell Historians] Taylors, Eayre and Smith

David Bryant davidbryant at GJEqXbY60HjhCRRwdQCSAtJ5QMjrrAfrC7QSyuVd7m2au8nGMBnJnmzUto7DsofXech5BbA6NyWjHgTL2LfPRiu7tpU.yahoo.invalid
Sat Sep 19 14:02:29 BST 2009

> However, I agree with Mike's comment and might I suggest that, out of
> respect to employees of Taylors Eayre and Smith, (some of whom are known
> known to many of us, and indeed are members of this- and other ringing
> related e-lists) that we refrain from gossiping and speculating on e-lists
> and hope that there can be a positive outcome to this undeniably sad state
> of affairs as soon as possible?

Yes, very sensible. If anyone has concrete information then please post it, but I don't want any idle speculation - it's not appropriate.

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