[Bell Historians] Re: Taylors, Eayre and Smith - Is anyone else interested in investing in this foundry?

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Sat Sep 19 22:08:52 BST 2009

Is anyone else with relevant knowledge interested in investing in an  
adventure with bells and a foundry?

It would give us the perfect opportunity to retune all the major  
Western bells  - (to John Harrison's specs, using his methods of  


Being an fully-qualified industrial engineer, who did his  
apprenticeship in a foundry, has experience with both light and heavy  
engineering + banking and business consulting,

I would be probably one of the few people, who could actually turn it  
into a practical and viable proposition.

So Monday, I will contact the administrators.

Let me know off-list of the concept appeals to you.

lucy at MqJMYDczl3Fou3ITyb5i2vV5mOopshhDDEZ2t46WRtf-IXLsgTDj4LBuRoceu_XQ-2KXRr22Mw.yahoo.invalid

On 19 Sep 2009, at 20:51, John Camp wrote:

> At 12:00 on Saturday 19 September 2009, John Camp wrote:
>> See <http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/leicestershire/8264298.stm>
> The administrators have confirmed that they hope to sell the business
> as a going concern.  The Press Association put out a piece, which can
> be found in several local newspapers, as follows:
> ________________________________________________________________
> A 225-year-old bell foundry based in Leicestershire has gone into
> administration.  Taylors Eayre and Smith Ltd, which claims to be the
> world's largest bell foundry, has suffered financial difficulties
> following a reduction in turnover and increase in expenditure,
> according to its administrators, accountancy firm Mazars.
> The firm, first established in 1784, currently employs 26 workers at
> its premises in Loughborough.  Jill Clarke, speaking on behalf of the
> foundry's directors and shareholders, said: "We are deeply saddened to
> have gone into administration.  "Advice was initially taken from
> Mazars in August but despite the best efforts of all concerned to
> secure extra investment, it has not been possible to keep the company
> alive. The directors and employees, some of whom have worked here  
> for 30
> years, are hopeful that the business can continue and are co-operating
> fully with the administrator."
> Taylors Eayre and Smith Ltd, which makes and installs a range of
> bells, cast the country's largest bell for St Paul's Cathedral in
> London in 1881.  Administrators intend to sell the business as a going
> concern.  Simon Chandler, from the Nottingham office of Mazars, said:
> "Taylors is very well known nationally and internationally within the
> sector and has a first class reputation.  We are expecting there to
> be significant interest in the possibilities of acquiring the
> business."
> Copyright (c) Press Association Ltd. 2009, All Rights Reserved.
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> John Camp
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