[Bell Historians] Harrisons & tuning

Robert Lewis editor at 86cVW8Cn-y4JL63OOrFaslo-0QWkvnKsai_05XXqdzB-IRUYKDutOEDzI1q3K-KQTUJxr2J74S9VGT3uPL5ForA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 22 10:36:42 BST 2009

At 10:17 22/09/2009, George wrote:
>The best thing to do, it wasn't aimed specifically at either of the two.

Well, for the record, I am a great admirer of the horological 
achievements of John Harrison and took the trouble to attend the 
dedication service for his long-overdue memorial in Westminster Abbey 
a little while ago.



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