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Tue Sep 22 10:57:31 BST 2009

At 10:31 22/09/2009, Rod wrote:

>What ever the outcome, it is unlikely that any future business would 
>be able to take on maintaining the archives and historical items.
>If this is not to be dispersed, either a ringers organisation or a 
>heritage organisation would need to take it on.
>It may be early for thinking about this, but if a proposal were in 
>place, it would reduce the chance of serious loss, and may help to 
>make revival of the business more likely.
>Maintaining a valuable part of our heritage is very important, but a 
>considerable encumbrance to a business.
>In particular TES have made records available FOC, something not 
>done by the other place, and for which we should be very grateful.
>This is a facility which is in considerable danger of being lost, 
>something we would all sincerely miss.
>What can be done to help?

Of course it would be a tragedy if historic archive material and 
artefacts were "lost".  However these items are for the most part the 
valuable property and assets of a company that is in administration, 
not receivership.  It seems a little premature to assume the worst.

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