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Wed Sep 23 22:54:31 BST 2009


As you correctly suggest there is yet to be a corpse.

In the meantime, we are setting up a site at the above url, to enable  
interested parties to communicate. Our intentions are explained there.

On 22 Sep 2009, at 23:27, Richard Offen wrote:

> Could I respectfully suggest that we stop picking over the corpse  
> before there is one.
> Whilst is is right and proper that we keep a close eye on the  
> situation, much of what has been posted on this site in the past few  
> days has been pure speculation and only helps to fuel what is, no  
> doubt, an already rife rumour machine that could possible jeopardise  
> the successful rescue of the company.
> R
> On Tue Sep 22 16:07 , 'Bickerton, Roderic (SELEX GALILEO, UK)' sent:
> "The point is that there is no RIGHT of access at all - free or
> otherwise. It is private property and likely to remain so until the
> owners/controllers decide otherwise.
> One might also be making an assumption that the archives are, in
> fact, owned by the trading company. They may be vested in a separate
> holding company ...
> RAL "
> Absolutely correct. We have been very privileged to be allowed access.
> My point is that we may well have to be prepared to pay and or house
> items in order to get future access.
> It will certainly simplify things if They prove to be vested in a
> separate
> holding company.
> I still cannot see that anything I have ever said can be interpreted  
> as
> anything other than fully accepting that the information is private
> property that we have no rights over what so ever.
> We can only ask to be considered when its fate is decided. Not doing  
> so
> could result in not being told what is to happen and losing any
> possibility of arranging a rescue bid.
> Hopefully it won't come to that.
> > I am not suggesting there is or ever was any right to free access.
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