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John Camp camp at xfV1d3t6ZI6zWdSJtlbQP_slI5vz-o-TJZT1LthOpXmEQblcZ3FSpa08ctYyZLeUAhSZDsgq3lPMyoc.yahoo.invalid
Thu Sep 24 08:43:18 BST 2009

At 08:18 on 24 September 2009, Chris Darvill wrote:
> At 22:54 23/09/2009, Charles Lucy wrote:

> Am I alone in being unable to access this site?

No.  Maybe it hasn't completely propagated yet.

Personally, I think it's a bit of a cheek calling a site 'taylorbells'
when it isn't authorised by TE&S (which I assume it isn't).  There
could be legal issues here.

John Camp


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