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Fri Sep 25 13:49:34 BST 2009

Thank you to those who have contacted me directly, and those who have  
given advice.

I shall, of course, maintain confidentiality and comply with the  
administrators' instructions and advice.

So on to the next stage;-)

On 25 Sep 2009, at 13:28, John Camp wrote:

> At 09:08 on 24 September 2009, John Camp wrote:
>> The use of the TE&S logo without permission is likely to be an
>> infringement of copyright and may well constitute other breaches of
>> the law.
>> As to the rest of it, I hope that the administrators are aware of the
>> content and have access to appropriate advice.
>> I would advise caution in making further comments.
> See now <http://www.taylorbells.com/mazarletter.pdf>
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