A bell founder called Abbot?

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Sat Sep 26 10:30:15 BST 2009

    Can anyone give me some information for my sister, who lives in Middlebie, near Dumfries in SW Scotland? She is researching the history of her village church, and has been told that the single bell there was cast by a founder called "Abbot" for the previous church which was built about 1850, and then transferred to the present building (built 1929). 

    There is also a legend in the area that there was an earlier church in Middlebie, with bells which were stolen by the English during the lawless times in that region, in revenge for the theft of two bells from Bowness on Solway! These Scottish bells are said now to be in Bowness church. The English bells were apparently lost while being shipped across the Solway Firth, and can sometimes be heard ringing under the water! 

    I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who can shed any light on these stories.

    Michael Rose           
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