[Bell Historians] Basildon bell tower

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Mon Sep 28 16:20:10 BST 2009

> So why has sound control not been installed?
> Advice has been taken on sound control but the solution is far from easy, particularly as the visual aspect of the tower is so important. The floor membrane between the bells and ringers is such that there has to be a gap between the glass and the floor(making the bells loud inside as well as out). It has been suggested that a glass cone be constructed above the bells with a means of raising and lowering it for sound control purposes, difficult in itself because the clearances between the larger bell clappers and the glass is very small.and has the additional downside, apart from the expense, of directing all the sound downwards on the ringers making the bells impossibly loud inside.

> DS

Thank you. (My question was not intented as a criticism -I just
wondered if there was a reason. I can understand now that the visual
nature would make it difficult)



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