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Mon Sep 28 16:41:33 BST 2009

At 16:25 28/09/2009, Matthew wrote:

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>george at tKHhBbqVMLqJj7MeyvsWevOWX7npD9dZKWwqZ5UqBrdY26bkMqPm_z4MuFQb9mgERU9sHbIwGRCrIp59M4EWjoiu2_3my1nY.yahoo.invalid writes:
>Birmingham      Andrew Stubbs
>Canterbury      Who is it currently??
>Lichfield       John G Burton
>Liverpool       John Wilton
>Norwich         Tony Baines
>Salisbury       Alan Smith
>Truro   Alan Carveth
>Not sure who Truro is now - Alan Carveth passed away some time ago.

Michael Wycherley of Falmouth is his successor.

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