[Bell Historians] A bell founder called Abbot?

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Peter - 

I have attached pictures sent by my sister in Middlebie, and part of a recent letter from her. 
Is anyone interested in trying to get more information?

"The previous church was built in 1821, and according to a newspaper report (June 1929) following the opening of the present church "The bell of the old church, which is by Abbots, a founder whose work is rare in this district, will be hung in the new belfry" so the spelling is right.
 I suppose if they went out of business there will be no records of sales. I will ask locally where church records from that time might be held."


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  Abbott & Co of Gateshead cast a number of bells in NE England.  I was not aware of any elsewhere, and like Howard I would be interested to know more.

  So far as pillar boxes are concerned Abbots only cast one, the 1853 experimental one in Botchergate, Carlisle which was the first one on the British mainland.  No drawings of it appear to have survived.  Subsequently contracts were let for each area of the UK but the one for the north of England went to a founder called Ashworth in Burnley.  The earlier Channel Islands pillar boxes, two of which still exist, were cast locally by a St Helier founder called Vaudin.    

  Peter Rivet

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