[Bell Historians] Basildon

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at Jp3I39nNCjK7oB_mTa41aH8si3KgUpyKWUZHl8EnPspY-7nrwVg92zKZMwOrMbX1HhTKeFRJQ1_Svgk.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 29 19:55:45 BST 2009

At 09:23 +0100 2009/09/29, Bickerton, Roderic wrote:
>Riverside are also completely viewable, but not a display as they 
>arte in an enclosed courtyard.

At Riverside, Illinois, USA (originally the EXPO belfry) the bells 
have not been visible since a few years after installation, when they 
were enclosed with a "bell house".  I suppose it was for sound 
reduction purposes.  See www.gcna.org/data/ILRIVERS.HTM for more 
information and a photo.  The ringers are still visible at ground 
level, though they don't ring in cold or inclement weather.


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