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Richard,how are you?Lets not talk about the cricket. How would I contact Adrian 
Dempster? Ron

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The equipment was developed and produced by the Towers and Belfries Committee 
and, I believe, the Committee still has one, but I've never seen a copy of the 
circuit diagrammes or construction detail.   

Adrian Dempster used the equipment when he visited us to compile a report on our 
wobbly tower at St George's Cathedral here in Perth.


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>Hello all, on page 48 of the Central Council Publication "A Practical Analysis 
>of The Interaction Between Church Bells And Towers" the writer talks about the 
>design of an accelerometer. The writer says "A detailed description,together 
>with appropriate control circuits will be issued in a further document,as a 
>Central Council publication". Was this produced and would anyone have a copy? 
>Ron Shepherd


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