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Fri Dec 31 13:26:46 GMT 2010

I'm writing a social history of the 18027 Stedman Caters rung at All Saints
Loughborough on 12 April 1909. 


I'd like to track down the ringing records of the band. I already have
access to the Pye family archive at the LMA and Bert Prewitt's peal book is
in the Middlesex ringers' library.


Please does anyone know of the whereabouts of any the records of these
ringers and anything about them that isn't published? 


William Pye 

George R Pye 

Isaac G Shade 

John H Cheeseman 

Bertram H Prewitt 

William H Inglesant 

Gabriel Lindoff 

William J Nudds 

William Willson 

Benjamin Knights


With thanks.


And happy new year.





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