Ted Steele ted.steele at w_ALi4jAAzK-l-7vnPVuIGHO9sOLF-2vPBlY7zjnM8-3ADYhiVR_ilfH7xjKx1VwpqqylcnvZczNo3K-.yahoo.invalid
Sat Feb 6 17:04:48 GMT 2010

I was pleased to have a ring at Orsett in Essex the other day. Now back 
home I checked the churches web site. It says?

"There are eight bells, three of which were there in 1792 when members 
of the vestry purchased five new bells made by Thomas Mears of London".

This is clearly not the case as they are a six, although according to 
Dove five of them are indeed by Thomas Mears with date given as 1792, 
with a much later treble. Can anyone explain this rather odd error? Did 
the new five perhaps replace an old three? Have they ever been an eight?



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