Spanish bells from Swansea to Chile?

stephen_dutfield stephen.dutfield at
Tue Feb 9 13:35:46 GMT 2010

Indeed - although as an employee of the said corporation, I'd better not comment further!

The tower is certainly big enough, although the interior isn't particularly salubrious. The base of the tower is open into the church, but the clock room is spacious (and very high) so with a rope-guide would certainly make a suitable ringing chamber.

All Saints is notable as having been the home church of Dr. Rowan Williams, and I believe former Archbishop Carey has a home in the area too.


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> It is sadly all too typical of the BBC these days that they have spliced in the sound of a ringing peal at the beginning and end of the piece!
> The tower does look big enough - anyone got enough money to fix it and install a ring?  ;-)
> Mike


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