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Dear List, this went out on the BWDACR list on Sunday morning. George will be sadly missed.


Bath & Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers
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t is with great sadness that I have to inform  you that George Massey died this 
orning after a short spell in hospital.

eorge joined the Association on 7th July 1951, having been a ringer in Epsom 
ince about 1935.   He was a member of the Frome band from 1954-55, unattached 
956-1958 and then Frome from 1959.

s an Association officer, George held a variety of posts - Peal Secretary 
964-1972, General Secreatry 1972-1984, CC Rep 1972-2004.  He was made an 
onorary Life Member in 1984 and was the first ever in Deputy Master in 1994.

t branch level, George was Frome Branch Chairman 1975-1989 and  ViceChairman 

 am sure that you will all mourn the passing of one of the Association's elder 
tatesmen and join in offering our sympathy to Hilda and David.

uneral details will be posted when known.

ay Bunyan

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