[Bell Historians] Church clock maintenance contracts

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I use Smiths of Derby to service  a number of the church clocks I look
after, Dickon. They are very good in my experience. And yes, it is worth the
fee of an annual visit.


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Although not really 'bell history', I wonder whether the collective might be
able to share some experiences on maintenance contracts in connection with
church clocks.

I have taken responsibility of St Magnus church clock following the death of
an old boy who used to look after it. It hasn't been touched professionally
for years and was stopped throughout the tower works of 2008 and early 2009.
It currently seems to be losing 20 mins time a year. A wellknown clock firm
has offered its services for an annual service. I am wondering whether
annual is too frequent a service to pay for, particularly as this simple
clock only turns the hands: there are no chimes on it any more. I guess the
service would just clean and oil parts and be a general check up.

What do other people do?

Many thanks.


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