English Decorated Bronze Mortars and their makers

John Dovemaster at hPpQiXSvcpJs_o7SJ47EVLd19moINkqVuGu38sJkJnDP-4eWdppuOJA8CPrEnmG-hAQOi5RBLDzXE3kefQveXCw.yahoo.invalid
Sun Feb 28 15:31:16 GMT 2010

I was at the CCCBR Library day at Thatcham yesterday, and bought a 'non-post-inclusive-priced' copy for £50 from Roger Barnes, Church Green Books, Witney.
My immediate reaction (still not having had sufficient time other than to take a superficial glance through it) is that it is indeed authoritative, and will become a valuable reference work.


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