[Bell Historians] Is this bell the original or a recast?

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I have had experience of the easy turning of a bell on a byrne stock. Didn't want to turn easily for me, Chime in Dundee which were rehung by E&S.
Decent taper fit from memory!


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  I saw the bells at the Augustine Church in Limerick a few weeks back - they have had the canons removed (leaving about 10mm of stumps) and attached to the headstock or beams in the way which Chris describes. The whole idea of this was to enable easy turning of the bell (to present an unworn face of the soundbow to the bows of the clapper) without removing the bell from its headstock. The whole assembly - button, and clapper assembly hangs from one central bolt :-)

  I have some pics on the camera (which is in the car, which is in Bristol at the mo!)

  Does anyone know anything about the bells in Killarney (RC) Cathedral??


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