[Bell Historians] medieval bell pit

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Tue Jan 19 16:16:41 GMT 2010

Richard Offen wrote:
> I have not come across any references to bell moulds being placed 
> above ground during the casting process. This is quite simply because 
> doing so would have required some sort of ladle and lifting tackle to 
> transfer the metal from the furnace into the bell mould. Much easier 
> to tap the furnace and allow the metal to run along a channel into the 
> head of a mould that has been buried …also much less risk of a mould 
> exploding when surrounded by compacted earth.
> It all sounds highly improbable to me!

The article says "Further investigation showed that the discovery was a 
pit used to burn charcoal in the process of melting metal in bell 
moulds." When were the actual moulds used for melting the metal in any 
known casting process? She seems to be describing a furnace rather than 
a mould.



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