[Bell Historians] Bells in Haiti?

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Thanks, George!

Possibly some of those bells were lost even before the recent earthquake.  I found this text in a document dated 2008 on the Website of the Diocese of Haiti:

"La Cathédrale Anglicane Sainte Trinité est unique en Haíti avec son orgue de 3500  tuyaux (le plus grand et l'unique en Haíti), ses fresques murales représentant des scènes bibliques et son carillon de 12 grandes cloches."


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Taylors provided a chime of 15 bells in 1960, tenor 45”
15.0.9 in F# to Haiti Cathedral....<snip>...  



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With the Haitian tragedy very much in the news these days, a 

correspondent has asked me about the fate of church bells there, 

mentioning a possible Taylor chime in Holy Trinity Episcopal 

Cathedral. I don't have any records of such a chime, but that proves 

nothing. The recently destroyed building was constructed in the 

1920s. Does anyone know what it contained?



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