Re: [Bell Historians] Ringing chamber floor size.

Dickon Love dickon at
Wed Jan 27 11:53:53 GMT 2010

>  This may not necessarily be for the Historians List  but can anyone help? I
>  am formulating ideas for a QP mini/mobile report in the  RW. There is no
>  firm definition for these rings. Is it weight driven, but  what weight? How
>  about size? Floor space? Does anyone know what the  smallest ringing
>  chamber is in square footage?  It does not have  to be a mini-ring. Answers
>  (if any) off line should you wish. Any help much  appreciated.

Floor space can be a bit of a red herring to define mini rings.  I know some minirings that are as large as a garage!  (Yes, I know that I am very observant!) :)

People have grappled with this definition for a while, particularly as there is a school of thought (which I wholeheartedly subscribe to) that CC records of peals, and in particular long longths, should recognise minirings separately.  In the end it seems that people just know which are the minirings and which are not.



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