[Bell Historians] Imperial Gazetteer, 1856

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Mon Jul 5 14:53:41 BST 2010

Per Dickon's request, here is a link to find the document (all 4 volumes):


Collectively, they amount to almost 2800 pages.

Each volume is accessible in several different versions.  The "full 
text" version (which is what search engines such as Google will 
reference) was produced by optical character recognition, which 
sometimes produced good text but sometimes garbled badly.  It's 
readily searchable, but is the largest file and thus the slowest to 
download.  The PDF version has actual page images, and is also 
searchable; but it's impossible to know what the search basis is.  At 
least it could be used (somewhat tediously) to untangle the garble of 
the text version.

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