Moved Tenor from Saint Chads Burton Upon Trent

Steven Blakemore steven_blakemore at
Wed Jul 7 10:05:01 BST 2010

I was wondering if anyone could provide me with information on a 21cwt bell: the 
bell was a former 1 bell tenor of a proposed ring of 8 in saint Chad's tower 
Burton Upon Trent. The bell was cast in 1909 by John Taylors, the bell was 
removed in the around 1999 to make way for a ring of 6 from Newchurch. I have 
leads that the bell is in york at the naburn hospital. could anyone enlighten me 
further? I would like to find out it's exact location and arrange with the 
owners, a time for me to see it and photograph it.  the exact details of the 
bell are;The bell weighed 21-1-8 note E and diameter 49". Its inscription was 
'GOD SAVE HIS CHURCH 1909. Thanks Steven Blakemore. Saint Chads Burton Upon 
Trent Bell Ringer. 

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