Change ringing in Italy

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Tue Jul 13 12:05:46 BST 2010

We are quite familiar with the Veronese system of Italian bellringing but have you explored the Bolognese system?  The above link is a good starting point - especially the links to examples.
There are a few issues to consider: This is full circle ringing with no great attempt at counterbalancing the bells - it is not by rope and wheel but it is an evolutionary step forward from East Bergholt.  The "music" explores the idea of using all changes on a given number of bells and uses the idea of a cover.  The four bell notes in the first two YouTube examples indicate that the Cambridge Quarters may owe less to a Handel Aria and more to Bolognese bells heard on a "grand tour".  Is there someone with a command of Italian who could read through the articles and tell us all about it? It appears to be a very close relation to English Change Ringing.

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