Burton Holy Trinity

David Bryant davidbryant at ovUnI6xG_XK4YlIvWelmGffH_WkDvPgd1ETkBpu5Jc7I3ny_l0IXBVDbDdwQitfMyO_LEJ91dxby5wJuFTp7vg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 20 14:51:36 BST 2010

> What is the connection, if any, between this bell and the 2-ton one? Did the large bell displace the 16cwt one? Is the latter still in existence?

The Goole bell is dated 1869, so pre-dates the Burton church - was there a previous church on the site?
And in answer to DLC's question, yes it does survive - now 15-2-8 and the tenor of the eight at Goole, the front seven having been cast by Taylor's in 1889. Alan Birney and I had a look at them and patched up the wheel shrouding on a few of them several years ago.

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